Preliminary Examination within 18 months of entering the program in order to continue in the Ph. Use the information on this website in combination with the Undergraduate Calendar for When do I have to register? Students who defend the M. This website is primarily for current students.

Petitions are be required for leaves of absence and extension of program time limits. The written component should describe the background relevant to the research project, the question s being addressed, specific aims, the methodology used, the results obtained, conclusions and a critical discussion and interpretation of the findings and their significance. When you talk with the professor, have something useful to say. Who is the person I talk to about the Honours Project? In case of a medical, non-medical, or family emergency, it is at the discretion of the host university should they issue a refund for any costs.

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This is the big one, and here are a few pointers: Check out the following link its for FW09, but you get the idea: The Department of Biology offers undergraduate instruction in all the major fields of biology, with particular strength in Cell honouts Molecular BiologyPhysiologyEcology and Evolutionary Biology. Students are immersed for two weeks in a field setting where they learn field methods, how to collect data, how to conduct field experiments, and the natural history and ecology of plants and animals.

We strongly advise that before you enrol in a non-York University or OUPFB field course, that you consult the Undergraduate Biology Office, about whether its course curriculum is likely to qualify for credit towards your degree program. Academic petitions and appeals in the Faculty of Graduate Studies are governed by the Senate Guidelines.


Department of Biology

The prerequisites for hoonours courses are indicated in the module descriptions; you must have the necessary prerequisite courses to enrol. The Supervisory Committee for Ph. Each student may take a maximum of three field courses towards their degree. Niology are a few notes, tips etc. Patty Lindsay Life Sciences Building x patlind yorku. Thre are 2 reasons for this: Course Cost Each field course has an associated fee that is listed within the module description.

See article in YFile. This is not professional when you are on campus 5 days a week. This fee is an additional cost on top of the tuition paid to York University.

Students whose progress is unsatisfactory may tgesis required to do remedial work and be re-evaluated, or may be required to withdraw from the program.

The Supervisory Committee should be consulted as to the expected content of thesiss proposal, as this varies among fields of study. Extensions of the above time limits are occasionally possible but are in most cases given for one term only at part-time level. Students should not contact the external examiner directly themselves.

Department of Biology

Some weeks you will need to put in more hours. Supervisory Committee and Research Proposal Meet with Supervisor During the first month of a student’s program, it is important they meet with their supervisor to have a conversation and agree upon important goals and expectations. The Biology faculty includes bioloogy and internationally renowned research scientists who are dedicated to helping students acquire critical learning, analytical and scientific skills.


The thesis reviews the literature in a particular field or area of interest, identifies gaps or inconsistencies, and develops a specific hypothesis, argument or model. Don’t just email and say “can I work with you? All Ontario Universities teach 2-week field courses that are worth 3 credits.

If they take you on, they are taking a very personal interest in your development and future success. Click the Apply now button. For general questions and advice about your courses, please refer the menu on the left.

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Gerald Audette audette yorku. Format of Defence Defences are open, though the audience is not permitted biologj ask questions and must leave prior to the final deliberations of the examining committee. You are asking a professor to take you into their group.

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If there are preparatory readings required for a particular module, the instructor will contact you ahead of time so you can complete them. Students who transfer internally from the M. A professor is a docotor – they have earned a Ph.

yorku honours thesis biology

Petitions for extensions should be submitted 2 months before the end of the normal time limits.