Why you want to work for that particular MP: MPs will appreciate someone who has been proactive and organised enough to work while at university, but it is up to you not to let this swamp your application. The position would be an excellent opportunity for me to broaden my insight into politics, working in a varied and challenging environment as part of a career in current affairs. I realise the importance of seeking to stimulate individuals. Foreign nationals working for MPs.

In addition, many researchers coordinate All-Party Groups. A key lesson when writing your cover letter is that you must always talk about the MP in your cover letter, and why you are interested in their work and what you could bring to it. Why you want to work for that particular political party: List your education and qualifications in reverse chronological order. Why do you want to do this job and not another political job?

Job Descriptions Caseworkers typically provide advice and support to constituents on a variety of issues e. A high standard of written and spoken English is also extremely important. You should also think about whether you are offering to work for free, or if you need some remuneration.

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Otherwise, how does the MP know that you can be civer to write an important letter or submit an accurate amendment to a Bill or email someone on their behalf without them having to check it every time? The Parliamentary CV Scheme was launched in the Summer of to help demystify the process of getting a job in Parliament. Lettfr, the majority of MPs know of W4MP and use it, as it is free and widely viewed by prospective candidates.


Remember to keep your CV succinct and on no more than 2 pages. Excessive emphasis on own needs Some people placed far too much emphasis on what the job could do for them, rather than what they could do for the job. Over-the-top language Brevity is the soul of wit, and of much else as well. This W4MP Guide is to help you to make your application stand out and to convince your prospective employer to invite you for interview.

It will be an important skill in the job to pick out and present relevant information in a concise way, often condensing complex subjects into one or two pages.

Does partying or having siblings add anything interesting to an employer?

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What ideas would you like to pursue? Want a list of jobsearch websites?

Needless to say or so we thoughtavoid talking about your social life: If you can draw parallels between the constituency and another one of which you have experience, do so. Here is the ad: Stilfehler assumed based on copyright claims.

w4mp cover letter

letger Whoever is reading your application would not have a lot of time, and they want to see the information they are looking for straight away. One page is even better. Simple is always better. You should at least have an understanding of and sympathy with the aims and goals of the party. Do your research and find out what local issues are important.

They will be more inclined to offer you a position if you have a real link with their constituency and are aware of their political interests. Staff can work in a paid capacity, as an intern, or as a volunteer.


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If you are not sure which MPs you might want to work for, do some research on individual MPs at this website: I am writing to you to apply for the coveted position of a Parliamentary Assistant, in your highly esteemed political organization. Be realistic — it does not look good to commit yourself to, for example, 3 days, and then find you can only do 1 day per week. The roles vary from MP to MP, which is why it is difficult to be more specific about the duties of each different role.

I aim to gain experience of working in Parliament, and the position you are advertising is the ideal opportunity for me to make this transition. The most successful applicants will have a few months of work experience for an MP.

An experienced constituency caseworker with sound political judgement and experience of grassroots local campaigning.

Creating a Winning CV & Cover Letter

The reality is that there are a lot of applications that need real improvement or they will not covver an interview for the applicant, no matter how few people they are competing against. I have always been aware and interested in the work that Parliament does and want to be a part of this. When applying to work for an MP, you have to show that you know about that MP and understand, and are interested in their q4mp.