They are most often printed using digital techniques where the source is a digital document such as a PDF file, although the source may also have been issued as a physical document. Choose one or more that apply. Access points When changes or differences in title or responsibility occur between different manifestations of a resource, provide additional access points as appropriate if considered important for identification, selection, or access Separate records vs. When adding information to an existing record, add a local note in field of the original item indicating the existence of a copy. Optionally, add personal name access points and relationship terms for any degree supervisors, degree committee members, etc. Use one record for all photocopies and POD reproductions of the same original resource regardless of:.

A special report published annually, in the September issue of: Provider-neutral guidelines are applicable when cataloging the first instance of an online resource rather than applicable only when the resource is known to be available online at different locations. Providers as name access points Providers as publishers, distributors, or manufacturers Provider-specific edition statements Provider-specific places of publication, distribution, etc. Use additional fields to describe any first generation masters or printing masters. LC has created an extensive body of Library of Congress Policy Statements LCPS , to facilitate a standard interpretation and application of these alternatives, options, and exceptions. Consequently, if no place of publication appears, enter [Place of publication not identified]. For RDA cataloging, see instructions 1.

rda thesis cataloguing

In records fda electronic resources in which the Type is not coded muse the Computer File field to account for the additional electronic aspects of the resource. It will allow library bibliographic records to be integrated with catalogking produced by other metadata communities, and to move into the digital environment beyond library catalogs.


Example of a multipart resource cataloged as a set: Enter the series appropriate to the original resource if readily available and the online version was preceded by a physical format version.

rda thesis cataloguing

RDA is designed for the digital world. This section provides guidelines on adding local information that is not appropriate in the master bibliographic record through the use of local bibliographic data records LBDs and local holdings records LHRs.

Enter data to link to the original resource if the photocopy or POD reproduction is in the same physical format. It is not necessary to catalog a dependent supplement as a serial just because it has a stated frequency e.

If there is no record for an online resource, but there is a record for related tangible resource, you may derive a new record from cataloghing existing record and edit the new record to conform to this policy and revise the description of the original resource in the new record to conform to current cataloging instructions. Element Guidelines for all integrating resources Type Code for the content and type of material e.

When the resource is updated less frequently than daily and none of the other frequency codes apply, use blank for Freq and x for Regl. OCLC policy Use the following provider-neutral instructions when cataloging online resources in all formats in WorldCat regardless of the cataloging rules used or the language of cataloging. Smiraglia and Arsen R.

Thesis Cataloguing (RDA)

RDA establishes a clear line of separation between the recording of data and the presentation of data. Element Guidelines for online resources Type Code for the form of content of the resource. Do not use “in” analytic cataloging conventions for: Neither rules treat original microform publications as reproductions. Marketing research project—Brigham Young University.


If a record for an item as a whole exists, you may create a record for a part and vice versa. In case of doubt as to whether an item meets the criteria outlined cxtaloguing, do not apply this policy.


See chapter 4, ” When to Input a New Record ,” for more information. Master and use copy. Everything you need to know about RDA: Enter data to link to the physical format resource whether the online resource is a reproduction or simultaneously issued.

3.4.2 Descriptive Cataloging of Theses and Dissertations

For unpublished theses, microform reproductions of unpublished theses, and photocopies of unpublished caatloguing, code language material, notated music, and cartographic material with: Enter a note combining the source of the description, source of the title, the provider manifestation used, and the date viewed. Example Example of record for an online resource available from seven different providers: Notes Music Library Association. They may also exist as microform, online, or photocopy reproductions.

If there is an existing record for a photcopy or POD reproduction that is not cataloged in accord with these provider-neutral instructions, you may revise the existing record to conform to this policy. You should follow PCC policy. The field is used to record the details of the thesis. Consequently, if no place of publication appears, enter [Place of publication not identified].

If you are cataloging an online resource, however, you do not need to verify the physical existence of a thessis version or whether it has been cataloged.

Example of published thesis: