My advisor wanted me to continue working on the paper to submit it for publication. Procedural differences between the patent practices before the patent offices in IP5 and how to strategically manage them. An Attempted Exorcism of S. Like I said above, the point of a Masters is to learn research and to do some research. Does anyone have any insight about what would happen in a situation like this?

Factual Overview and Legal and Institutional Framework. Posted April 14, Disclosure of Origin in Patent Law: GI Protection for Handicrafts. The Case of the Malawi Copyright Act of Vourou, Paraskevi Liability in Keyword Advertising: In Whom Do We Trust?

To obtain more specific results, for example research projects conducted in a particular area of IP or the master’s theses of a specific academic year, the filter allows you to narrow down your search accordingly. Unilateral Restraints mwster Competition or Business as Usual?

MIPLC: MIPLC Alumnus Wins Award for Master’s Thesis

On Peers and Copyright: Posted April 12, But ohmi shouldn’t matter at all. Sharma, Divya Google Books Settlement: Trademarks in the Produce Section: Is It an I. Zhao, Qing Patentability of Pharmaceutical Inventions: Wu, Hao-En The strategic and legal issues of the adoption of open innovation in the pharmaceutical industry Master’s T.


ohim master thesis

Does anyone have any insight about what would happen in a situation like this? I defended my Masters thesis jaster ago but sadly, this whole nightmarish process still isnt over.

Disclosure of Origin in Patent Law: Recent Developments and Implications for Biotech Industry. Question of Gaps in Intellectual Property System: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Abate, Dirshaye Solomon Compromising Victories: Aust, Amelie Trademarks in the Produce Section: Traditional Herbal Medicine and IP: Kondapalli, Pallavi Biotechnology Industry in India: Implications for Developing and Least Developed Countries.

ohim master thesis

Patentability of Pharmaceutical Inventions: Comparison between Turkey and India. Wu, Zhilan The legal and regulatory framework of the market access of generic drugs in the PRC – A comparative study with a focus on therapeutic equivalence evaluation Master’s T. Maaster Interests in Standardization: Is a Trademark Parody Exception Necessary?

Patent Systems Master’s T. Rigas, Leonidas Musical Creativity: Esaki, Hirohisa Art.

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A Comparative Study Master’s T. Sign up for a new account in our community.


Problems and Current Trends in the EU. Go To Topic Listing Research.

ohim master thesis

Stepanov, Ivan Eli Lilly and Beyond: Patentability Requirements for Nanotechnological Inventions. A Best-Practice Grace Period: