On the tendency of Mexican men to control their wives and their wives less frequently tolerating such control, see my manuscript, Mexican Chicago, chap. National Archives, Washington, D. In the early s at one of the numerous employ- 62 ment agencies on Canal Street, an enganchista, or labor recruiter, approached two dark-skinned men reading the sign in his window. It is notable that these incidents overwhelmingly involved males fighting each other, which raises further questions of how gen- der, specifically masculinity, factors into racializing experiences. Many Mexicans were very willing to buy on credit, a practice that garnered mixed reviews from their immigrant neighbors. She explained that one of these outrageous couples lived next door to her.

Daley later became a state senator and mayor of Chicago in office from to English View all editions and formats. University of Arizona Press, ; and George C. This article, however, 12 argues that Mexicans in Chicago were not just another immigrant group, working to be absorbed into a city with a long history of collecting newcomers. Grossman, Land of Hope: Log In Sign Up.

After nearly a week of race riots, as contemporaries termed these events, at least thirty-eight men were dead, hundreds had been injured, and many others left homeless. A third path brought Mexican men and increasingly more women into Chicago from agricultural fields throughout the Midwest in the hopes of finding wintertime employment. University of Arizona Press, ; and George C.

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Mexican Nationalisms, Southern Racisms: It is this process, and the initial instability of their posi- 13 tioning, that highlights the distinctiveness of the Mexican situation. Subjects Mexicans — Illinois — Chicago — Ethnic identity. University of Illinois Press, ; James R. Others followed more indirect routes shaped by work opportunities that drew them, and their fami- lies, ever northward.


The Windy City during this moment was one within which sev- 11 eral group identities and positions were being concurrently negotiated, along- side those of older immigrant dwellers.

Polish grocer, see Ibid. See my manuscript, Mexican Chicago, chap. Whereas no Mexicans were working in the packinghouses inby an estimated 5. Grabozo expressed similar sentiments.

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The separation of Mexicans from other workers contin- ued throughout the period. This was in spite of a long tradition of Mexican labor activism in Mexico. Grabozo, his wife, and their six children had received relief aid from United Charities several times during and See The Cleveland Advocate 6, no.

mexican chicago arredondo thesis

The treatment of the Mexicans by the Irish and Polish police could be read also to be symptomatic of assertions of manhood under perceived assault. Even when Mexicans were allowed to rent on the west 30 side of the yards, property owners tried to concentrate them into a few blocks.

It is artedondo from the reports if this was part of a more formal gang-like turf war. Mexicans also had, on average, the lowest number of years of for- mal education: Grossman, Land of Hope: Please enter recipient e-mail address es. Dillon voted he be held on charges of manslaughter. Other white gangs that patrolled mexiczn area included several suggestively named ones such as the White Chicabo, the Mayflower Club, the Hamburgs, the Emeralds, and the Our Flags Club.


The Defender was one of the major black newspapers in Chicago. Mexican and African Americans, mixedness and racial categorisation in the early twentieth century.

‘What! the Mexicans, Americans?’ : race and ethnicity, Mexicans in Chicago, 1916-1939

Wilson, The Mexican in Chicago Chicago: Skip to main content. Areedondo expressed this view during an interview he was conducting with Agapita Flores and Ruth Flores Rucoba, Duke University Press, forthcomingand my manuscript Mexican Chicago, chap.

Click here to sign up. Even the City of Chicago would not hire Mexicans to shovel snow in the winters. By building on linguistic similarities between Italian and Spanish while also being able to communicate in English, the Italian was able to ingratiate himself with the Irish lawyer by bringing in clients, at the same time establishing himself above the defendants themselves.

On the interaction of Mexicans and U.