It is a singing contest which is held in the EB Studio featuring celebrities. Sometime after the departure of the SexBomb Girls from the show, the format of the elimination round was changed to slightly resemble the format of the game show Wheel of Fortune. The segment has several reincarnations throughout the years, with the mechanics of several reincarnations slightly tweaked and added several challenges and twists, such as GuhEat Bulaga! At the end of each round, the judges decide which team had the cleverest ideas. Kakaibang Bida is a talent segment that features magicians, comedians, contortionists, jugglers, and other performers with unique talents. The second bomb has a distinct mechanic in which 6 guests from the show enter the stage with their cards that reveal the choice’s answer. The lucky person who picked the correct cellphone advances to the jackpot round.

The first round involves an obstacle course that each competitor must complete. Contestants must be 12 years old or below to join the singing contest. One chair is then removed to ensure that there will always be two fewer chairs than there are players. Retrieved 18 July In the next round round, 72 daily winners were clustered together into seven groups, each group having 2 EB Dabarkads coaches.

eat bulaga problem solving august 21 2015

Participants watching on television must comment the correct answer, along with a code that will be given by the program, on the designated Facebook post from the official Facebook page of Eat Bulaga! The winner will become a BakClasher.

eat bulaga problem solving august 21 2015

The segment features Eat Bulaga! Most Requested Trip is a game segment that is similar to musical chairsexcept in a commuter train setting. Contestants must be 13 to 19 years old in order to join the competition.


The segment’s new season is no longer part of Juan for All, All for Juan: The hosts will search for bulagq certain studio audience who showed an energetic dance move. The segment is a talent contest for groups who can dance like the American girl group The Pussycat Dolls. Subsequent meetings for the pair happened in the weeks that followed, advancing the storyline of Kalyeserye. They will be given automatically 5 points if bylaga guessed the correct answer, but there’s a catch, the guesser can ask one of his or her teammate for help, that teammate will then remove his or her blindfold and also help in guessing the word or phrase, but there will be a 2 point deduction from the 5 point score; prpblem guesser can ask for 2 teammates for help.

The contestant is presented with five cooking pans and must arrange all of five of them to win the jackpot prize of 10, pesos. Quadroke Singing Challenge is a spin-off from the Trioke Showdown segment.

eat bulaga problem solving august 21 2015

Zoombabait Ninyo, Thank You! It is a dance contest for father and child. A host blows a whistle to signal audience members to start passing and throwing beach balls all around the studio.

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August 8, at 3: The team must then act out its new function. Filipino Rap is a rap battle competition for aspiring Filipino rap groups. The first contestant to give the correct answer will move on to the next cycle of questioning where he or she will compete with other contestants who answered correctly. It is a subsegment of Zoombarangay: Each bomb has a question.



If the first player is unable to provide the correct response, the other player is given a chance to answer. The picturist is at the barangay while the guesser is at the studio. The winner will win several prizes such as gift packs from the show’s sponsors, grocery items, appliances, and a cash prize.

EB Dance Station is a dance contest for both male and female dance groups.

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Retrieved 6 September Each team eatt led by two gay celebrities who are regular guests of the segment. If the player wins against any of the Eat Bulaga!

Challenge Accepted is a talent showdown between celebrity contestants. The group with the lowest score will be punished at the end of the segment. Lola Dear is a contest in Eat Bulaga!

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The same thing would happen the following day, and the day after next, until about a week or so when Ces was allowed to finish that production number. Retrieved 21 October Two notable contestants of the segment are singer and stand-up comedian Anton Diva and actor and television host Vice Ganda who made it to the finals round of the competition.

The lucky person who picked the correct cellphone advances to the jackpot solvjng.