The literary critic N. I am seeking neither to conceive of, nor challenge any strict definition of them, and the artworks I analyze adhere to most of the common markers of fiction. A significant point here is that, in contrast to for instance the work of philosopher-physicist Karen Barad — , I am not exploring how matter works in experimental settings and science, and in the becoming and making of the world, but, rather, how it is represented in these fictional artworks, and how this rendering shares features with new materialist approaches. Nana herself is aware that the story is about her, but does not seem to care greatly about it; Muffat on the other hand, has a frightening epiphany when he reads it, and suddenly sees Nana as a treacherous beast: This renders him unable to account for the process of generating sense from matter. Existence, then, is based on exclusions: She becomes the heroic adulteress she has read about, and ordinary life, which she so detests, appears far away.

Renata Salecl sums it up: Desire thus points to a void, a fundamental lack: Bohr observed how light and matter behave as waves in one experimental setup, and particles in another, but cannot simultaneously be both, as waves and particles are ontologically distinct phenomena with mutually exclusive characteristics: If unconstrained materiality is rendered fictional, and as an object of fantasy, this is by no means to be taken in a pejorative sense. Both shy away from the norms and customs of society and the Law, but the Deleuzian one does not seem to have a strong enough capacity for dealing directly with the structures and institutions. The theories used are employed in relation to the analysis of the specific work rather than outlined in themselves.

For example, in the beginning of the book when Emma is at the convent, she dismisses the More broadly, it is art in the modern period, which he calls the aesthetic dissertatin of art. It is her sheer materiality that affords her success.


Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge, no. The doubling of information makes a point of differing from traditional ways of telling, and shows the coupling of image and sound to be chosen, constructed.

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I use the French text for my close readings of Flaubert and Zola. The boy child, conversely, becomes aware of the danger of castration. In Lacan, it refers to that which is beyond pleasure, and beyond the constraints on pleasure set by morality and society. Simultaneously the moments of nxna jouissance hint at the state of nnana impersonal flow of life for Joe and Emma: The author also capt ures the political and social unrest of a struggling working class in his novel Germinal, where starving miners rebel against the bourgeois class that exploits them.

Crucially, with Barad, the power structures are enfolded in materiality, and constantly produced and reproduced. In the final chapter, I discuss key points from the first three chapters as well as outline some issues that are raised between the various theoretical approaches.

dissertation nana zola

Masochism, Coldness and Cruelty, Venus in Furs. First issued as paperback.

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Internet friend essay in kannada. Disserrtation masochist is the one for whom castration is imperfect but is nevertheless working to some degree. In this chapter I trace the tension between materiality and fictionality in Madame Bovary.

While she is a symbol of revolt, this does not mean that she is consciously dissertarion by rebellion. It is clear that the essential testimony of the mystics consists in saying that they experience it, but know nothing about it. Additionally, it is a quite focused gaze, which the narrator inhabits.

He is famous for his eloquence, sarcasm and is well known for being a provocateur. It is not enough to usurp the social regime; the material configurations have to change too. Beitrag nicht gefunden Die Seite kann nicht angezeigt werden, weil: Emma is at once more and less sophisticated than Nana.


Per versions of Love and Hate. This is particularly prevalent in her repeated and zealous, though fleeting, engaging with religion.

dissertation nana zola

Desire, void and destructions permeates the novel and define the almost frenzied way in which the plot unravels. In her book The skin of filmfilm scholar Laura Marks analyzes the five senses in the context of a cultural hierarchy and stresses how the distance senses sound and vision, the senses of cinema are valued higher, especially in a western culture, than are the close senses taste, touch, smell.

Her strong appetite for men is also introduced in this first scene: She knows the difference, but desire makes her want to overcome it. In the aforementioned passage on the golden fly, she is initially compared to a plant, then described as a force of nature: Joe as narrator and the filmic narration. Like Nana, she tries to fill out the lack of meaning in her life with stuff that she buys and, like Nana, she is unsuccessful.

The relation here is double; society is embedded in the subject as well as outside of it.

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The anxiety of the masochist divides therefore into an indefinite awaiting of pleasure and an intense expectation of pain. The literary scholar Jonathan Culler has written extensively on these matters, with a keen eye on the first chapter of the novel. In her desire she confuses literature with furniture and meaning with money.