This consideration is complemented by investigations concerning sustainability of the initiated measures. Finally, as a result of the previous steps, the efficiency and capability of the Ukrainian sport policy shall be presented exemplarily. The choice of products is growing steadily. The health and physical activity of children and teenager currently counts as polarizing topic. Building on this, expert interviews will be undertaken which will be evaluated with qualitative content analysis. Privacy Information By using our website you agree that we use cookies as well as a tracking pixel to improve the usability of our website.

Impacts on sport of the changes of regime and transformation in Iraq and Egypt Start of Research: Consequently, the expected results should display not only an empirical but also theoretical relevance. The dissertation wants to consider and analyse these changes of the sport system among the current societal and political transformations. The question of influence and meaning of values within a sports club on and for the individual the society and the state can be raised. Experimental game analysis on the basis of position data. New yogastiles are emerging and the old tradition from India, which has found its way into the Western wold through the US in the s, is modernized and adapted to the everyday life of the Western society. Ilse Hartmann-Tews stellvertretendes Mitglied.

dissertation dshs köln

Thesis papers and dissertations Courses Internship Close cluster foldout. The aim of the scientific thesis is to analyse the Ukrainian sport policy, their structures and the processes which extent influence on the development of mass sport and leisure sport. Spiritual yoga tourism as a prevention in stressful stats. First of all, as a Ph. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to analyze sports development in South Korea, where it lacks of data about sport policy which adopted the macro and meso level approaches.

Addionally, external factors, which influence the development of the mass sport and leisure sport directly or indirectly, are part of the analysis as well as the recent political and social events in the Ukraine in Copies of your Bachelor and Master degree including the academic möln and your CV need to be send to the International Office for verification.


Visual attention in sport. Sport serves in particular to form national group identities, fosters international understanding, enhances cooperation and exposes the individual.

dissertation dshs köln

To react as adequate as possible in such situations, the optimal direction of dissfrtation attention is decisive. Gruppe der Hochschullehrerinnen und Hochschullehrer: The aim of the planned Doctoral Thesis lies within a systematic analysis of the multi-dimensional and complex policy field youth sport and a comparison at multinational level. South Korea has become a sports power in the world with the help of huge investment in elite athlete development system and successful holding mega event such as the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup.

Especially in quick team and racket sports athletes and players are constantly confronted with dissedtation, in which the simultaneous perception of several stimuli and objects e. The respective language requirements have to be fulfilled: The health and physical activity of children and teenager currently counts as polarizing topic.

The aim of the project is the determination ddhs the status and the transformation of sport in the development policy of Germany in the past and present.

The implement of SFD is generally practiced by global North toward the global South, but several developing nations have recently implemented SFD programmes.

The individual adapts certain values from other social contexts and introduces them in a sports club. Furthermore, the research should induce to further research, as well as should provide profitable implications for the investigated dahs.

PhD program

Sports fulfill numerous functions between state and society. The exercise of critically revisiting these papers was inspired kö,n by the model of the reflective practitioner. Experimental game analysis on the basis of position data. The Department Gender and Diversity Management also offers a number of funding programmes to support researchers and parents in science.


Dissertation: Volker Czimek

Jump to content Jump to navigation. Melzer sees the starting point of anintensification of the national youth development programs in the Bosman-ruling of the European Court of Justice, but the core of the developments in the interaction between the national federation and the first league clubs.

Empirical evidence is provided through 15 already published papers within three problem areas: Potentials and limits of yoga tourism for the development of destinations: Within the context of this thesis the change of values in the Ruhr area is of special interest. Analysis of gaze behavior of referees in volleyball.

All subjects will deal with the development of sport policy dsh the structure of the sport system.

Is it the stress and escaping from everyday life? Daniel Memmert and Ann-Kathrin Lobert. Sport in development policy – developmentapproaches and implementation in Germany. Through theory and methodology, an applicable categorization should be developed to be able to investigate European youth sport system with a holistic design.

The focus of the research are the governmental programmes and organisational measures which promote sport as well as the development of mass sport, leisure sport and the sport participation of the Ukrainian people. In addition, the absence of scientific evidence of how sport activities contribute to dealing with social issues still indicates a significant gap between theory and practice.

dissertation dshs köln