The Graduate Studies Committee recognizes that different topics may require different treatments. Complete and submit any required paperwork, such as the GS Form , to your college or department. Page numbers fall within the margins and must be at least 0. Timetable How much work have you already done, and when do you expect to be able to finish? It should be thorough enough to demonstrate that the project is grounded in theory and scholarship.

Candidates are encouraged to schedule a meeting with a Library Reference Liaison or stop by the first floor of Library North for a drop-in library consultation for help with references, citations, and issues related to plagiarism. The font should be a point size professional typeface, such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier. Samples of successful proposals are also available in the advisement office. Students must obtain a faculty member’s agreement to act as their Thesis Director before signing up for any units of ENGL The premium is on independent critical thinking, reading, and writing. Follow your style manual’s requirements for the styling of headings and subheadings. Inasmuch as the Creative Writing Option is a part of an M.

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The student must register csila the remaining four units of ENGL in consecutive quarters, excluding summers, but has the option of registering for as little as one unit per quarter. Guidelines for Thesis Proposals Comprehensive Examination and Thesis Thesis Guidelines This section is designed to aid students in preparing thesis proposals.

Not all colleges or departments require these forms. The Guide to Preparation of Theses, Project Reports, and Dissertations “ETD Guide” for short gives a comprehensive overview of the procedures associated with the thesis, project report, and submission process.


csula thesis guidelines

If the student desires, guidelinrs whole project could be completed in two quarters one unit the first quarter, four the second. Is the subject too large for the master’s thesis?

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Pages of the main text are numbered using standard Arabic numerals. No student may register for more than one unit in the first quarter.

Preparing for Your Thesis, Project, or Dissertation Students are encouraged to prepare for their thesis, project, or dissertation as early as their first semester.

Tables and figures are numbered consecutively, and in separate sequences, and conform to department or style manual guidelines.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Get a sense of the content, organization, and scope of previous manuscripts, but don’t copy the format!

If further edits to the format are required, you will be able to replace your PDF on ProQuest with an updated version. Critical Background Have you clearly explained the underlying theory or methodological framework?

These workshops are not mandatory, but are highly recommended.

How does your study build on previous work? Registering for Thesis Units 1. The Thesis in Literature Although not exclusively a research paper in the sense of a heavily footnoted and documented report, the thesis in the Literature Option must be comprehensive in regard to primary and secondary research.

Guieelines and submit any required paperwork, such as the GS Formto your college or department. Samples of proposals are available in the Advisement Office.

Please note that students must also attend a Thesis Advisement Workshop in the Library.

csula thesis guidelines

All pages, including appendices are csulq and numbered. Jump to navigation Skip to content. The premium is on independent critical thinking, reading, and writing.


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ProQuest will send an automated email to your Reviewer that you have revised your submission. Additional information may be found in Chapter 3 of the Thesis Guide. As a general rule, theses should range between 40 to 70 pages, though there is no absolute page limit and the length of the thesis is ultimately determined by the subject. These documents provide some expectations for your thesis, project, or dissertation.

The expectations for the thesis and the thesis proposals vary in the gguidelines thesis-options Literature, Creative Writing, and Composition, Rhetoric, and Language.

csula thesis guidelines

Does your proposal, and especially your bibliography, demonstrate a familiarity with other relevant criticism and scholarship? Click on “PDF” in the menu on the left. Inasmuch guideliines the Creative Writing Option is a part of an M.

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Some common citation managers include RefWorks, Endnote, Mendeley, and Zotero, among others Harvard University Libraries offer a handy comparison guide. The Reviewer is not a member of the thesis or dissertation Committee, but is a member dsula Graduate Studies staff.

What significant assertions or insights do you intend to develop that make this project worth undertaking?