Look for cover letter samples online, pay attention to length and find alternatives to ‘To Whom It May Concern. Use these 12 great samples to help you craft a fantastic cover letter. If you have figures that are to be processed in this way, please check the proofs very carefully, as false colours can sometimes reproduce in unusual ways when converted to grey-scale mode. In the case of long tables, the paper should include a sample table consisting of the first 5—10 rows of data, and the caption should state that the full table is available online. The source files must correspond exactly to the complete manuscript, otherwise delays in publication will occur.

If you will be publishing your paper under an Open Access licence but it contains material for which you do not have Open Access re-use permissions, please state this clearly by supplying the following credit line alongside the material:. Our Accounting Cover Letter examples and tips will teach you exactly how to write a convincing and professional cover letter that boosts your chances of securing your Technical details on the preparation of figures are discussed in section 5. Advice on the preparation of colour-friendly figures is provided here: Authors are encouraged to follow those guidelines which are relevant to their field for the best practice in publications. Authors should pay particular attention to features which are not automated in these packages, such as references, figure numbers etc. It is the responsibility of the author to upload such material to CDS and to ensure that it is in the correct format for the database.

All open access papers are treated in the same way as any other paper; editors and referees will not be lettsr if an author opts for this service.

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Additional figures with captions and appendices should be provided as PDF files. Authors should note any special instructions regarding sizing or layout of figures and tables in their cover letter. It is therefore not possible to submit corrections using new LaTeX or Word files. An uncorrected version of your cober will appear online within 24 hours of you completing your Licence to Publish form.


Authors who wish to re-use material previously published in MNRAS should refer to the instructions at https: Titles should be informative, and obscure acronyms should be avoided. Papers should be formatted with two columns except the abstract and single line spaced.

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They must lettdr exceed five pages in length, and are handled along a fast-track process. Authors are encouraged to follow those guidelines which are relevant to their field for the best practice in publications. Papers of 20 pages or less will incur no page charges.

Chemical evolution of Enceladus, alias the Gaia Sausage. MNRAS publishes the results of original research in astronomy and astrophysics, including work which is observational, theoretical or concerned with astronomical instrumentation and software. Any colour files not printed ccover colour will be published as grey-scale in the paper journal and in colour on the web, free of charge.

cover letter mnras

All papers rejected at this stage are confirmed by a second editor before the decision is forwarded to the authors. Comprehensive guide on how to format your cover letter in Please check the PDF generated by the system before submitting.

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This is particularly important for the online version of the journal, where links are provided to cited mneas. Fill out our simple online form to recommend this journal to your library. Chi, but the work of Dr. All papers cited in the text must be included in an alphabetical list of references at the end of the paper, and vice versa.

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At the proof stage the authors should carefully check their paper, including spelling, grammar, style, layout, referencing etc. Please note that edited manuscripts will still need to undergo peer-review by the journal.


Note that although papers are typeset using the author’s source files as a starting point, the paper will have been converted to XML in the typesetter’s own system and the PDF proofs created from this. All authors must also upload their manuscript and figure source files. It may not always be possible to get an exact match for all of the colours mnrqs a particular figure: Get inspired by these example cover letter opening lines.

It is the responsibility of the author to upload such letteer to CDS and to ensure that it is in the correct format for the database. For objects outside the Milky Way galaxy, consult the NED guide to best practises in data publication pdf. This is exactly what will be seen by the editor and referee, so mnraw anything is missing or wrongly included it should be corrected now. If you have a query regarding hosting a specific file type, please contact the publishers see section 7.

Hyphens one dash in LaTeX should be used for cober adjectives e.

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In particular, authors are reminded that any of the following are considered to be serious breaches of scientific ethics, which will result in the immediate rejection of their paper: The nature of the revisions required will be explained in the report. Both forms of supplementary material will be automatically added to the PDF generated by the system. You will receive confirmation on screen and via email.

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