Sometimes conformity has a sordid business interest — the bread-and-butter interest — but not in most cases, I think. Twain discusses how the hoopskirt started off as a strange idea for clothing, but six months later, it suddenly becomes a huge fashion trend. Even a ridiculous clothing style, he says, will gradually become accepted and even popular in culture, and then will suddenly disappear. You did a good job in saying what was happening in the essay in your response to number one. Not upon my memory, but elsewhere. We are creatures of outside influences; as a rule we do not think, we only imitate.

We may continue to admire them, but we drop the use of them. He speaks about how this slave was a wonderful speaker, and how one of his speeches has stayed with Twain throughout his life: Twain uses anecdotes and examples as supporting evidence along with humor to help bring his point across to readers. The instinct that moves to conformity did the work. This site uses cookies.

Twain states that “it is our nature to conform; it is a force which not many can successfully resist” Paragraph 9, Lines However, I feel like many people can relate to how I feel, so I don’t really worry too much anymore.

A political emergency brings out sssay corn-pone opinion in fine force in its two chief varieties — the pocketbook variety, which has its origin in self-interest, and the bigger variety, the sentimental variety — the one which can’t bear to be outside the pale; can’t bear to be in disfavor; can’t endure the averted face and esasy cold shoulder; wants to stand well with his friends, wants to be smiled upon, wants to be welcome, wants to hear the precious words, “He’s on the right track!

If Eve should come again, in her ripe renown, and reintroduce her quaint styles — well, we know what would happen. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is held in reverence.


Mark Twain: Corn-pone Opinions

The result is conformity. We have not adopted this new fashion yet, but we shall do it presently.

corn pone opinions essay mark twain

I studied that mighty question to the bottom — came out empty. We cannot invent standards that will stick; what we mistake for standards are only fashions, and perishable.

Corn Pone Opinions Essay

The outside influences are always pouring in upon us, and we are always obeying their orders and accepting their verdicts. Pine may be that such an opinion has been born somewhere, at some time or other, but I suppose it got away maro they could catch it and stuff it and put it in the museum. Hey Maggie, I really like your use of vocabulary! Our corrn manners, and company manners, and street manners change from time to time, but the changes are not reasoned out; we merely notice and conform.

A new thing in costume appears — the flaring hoopskirt, for example — and the passers-by are shocked, and the irreverent laugh.

Whenever I say something I didn’t mean to say or do something I didn’t mean to do, I often wonder if the people around me will think poorly of me.

Most people are going to be following what is popular at the time in order to fit in with everyone else. The instinct that moves to conformity did the work. How about receiving a customized one?

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In our late canvass half of the nation passionately believed that in silver lay salvation, the other half as passionately believed that that way lay destruction. He interrupted his preaching, now and then, to saw a stick of wood; but the sawing was a pretense -he did it with his mouth; exactly imitating the sound the bucksaw makes in shrieking its way through the wood.

corn pone opinions essay mark twain

He is letting the reader visualize how people can be easily conformed through the factual example of the hoopskirt, which strengthens Twain’s claim that people are always influenced by someone else. Its name is Public Opinion. Sunday, November 20, Rhetorical Analysis: We are creatures of outside influences; as a rule we do not think, we only imitate.


Corm had slipped in upon me while I was absorbed and not watching. Mohammedans are Mohammedans because they are born and reared among that sect, not because they have thought ponr out and can furnish sound reasons for being Mohammedans; we know why Catholics are Catholics; why Presbyterians are Presbyterians; why Baptists are Baptists; why Mormons are Mormons; why thieves are thieves; why monarchists are monarchists; why Republicans are Republicans and Democrats, Democrats.

How about make it original? I have deeply studied that question, too — and didn’t arrive. Fifty years ago, when I was a boy of fifteen and helping to inhabit ywain Missourian village on the banks of the Mississippi, I had a friend whose society was very dear to me because I was forbidden by my mother to partake of it. I think Jerry was right, in the main, but I think he did not go far enough.

corn pone opinions essay mark twain

I also feel that most people are often too twaon of what others might think of them and therefore often times choose to simply follow the crowd or like you said, keep things to themselves. I listened to the sermons from the open window of a lumber room at the back opinikns the house. An empress introduced the hoopskirt, and we know the result. Public opinion resented it before, public opinion accepts it now, and is happy in it.

The hoopskirt runs its course and disappears.