Since she is salaried employee, her office hours are from pm. An expectancy theory approach. With the artist, they have a quota that is not possible for them to adequately obtain. This site uses cookies. Each quarter those who have had a positive evaluation pertaining to production will receive a bonus, whether they are a salary employee or an hourly employee. George put in the effort however his performance to outcome valence was negative, causing George to have a negative attitude toward putting in further effort. Unlike the other factors, valence can be positive or negative.

There are times when the explanation of the problem includes poor website creation or a result of sales reps not providing the information necessary for the website to function properly. High April values being promoted and climbing the ranks would be very satisfactory for her. After the merger, Susan has been increasingly flustered with the expectations. Reference List Chen, Y. Furthermore, especially in the case of Keith, there is no reason for him to work quickly.

ABC Consulting should provide further knowledge and insight to future employees on the rewards system and what is expected of their performance to achieve this.

Work Attitudes and Job Motivation. The second facility involves graphic design artists who handle all print products while the third office houses the IT department that no website design and all other internet marketing concerns including technological support. Edith values her job enough to keep it, but not enough to pursue more.

case study on expectancy theory of motivation

She is completing 5 great and 5 of poor quality ones, in which she is fully utilizing all the sales reps changes or suggestions. Lauren could also put in a policy of firing people who abuse overtime as it hurts the company. The work conditions and compensation program changes rapidly after the merger to match the competition.


Mary is 35 and new to the banking industry. With the quota gone Brad now feels less pressure to finish websites and customer complaints have dropped. She can put in a lot of effort by producing theiry good work and fall behind, or she can slack on some and meet her quota. At her current state she feels exhausted from work which hinders her effort leading to just enough performance to keep her job.

case study on vrooms expectancy theory

An expectancy theory analysis. Edith as a manager could talk to April and tell her where she needs to improve in order to be promoted and help achieve her goals. Theoey is most highly rewarded by receiving promotions at work. Medium April works hard because she wants to succeed, but she feels unappreciated and that her hard work may not be noticed.

However, she is losing motivation to her low expectancy factor. You are commenting using your Twitter account. She began working in the bank industry as a personal banker 20 years ago and worked her way up to branch manger. By analyzing the lack of proper motivation using the ideas of expectancy theory, solutions will be identified to help resolve the issues and make the company productive again. Since she is salaried employee, her office hours are from pm.

Susan will gain more confidence and this will reflect in her interactions with the rest of the team. Motivating salespeople to contribute to marketing intelligence activities: Jess Sales Jessica is behind in her campaign due to several reasons, including customer complaints regarding technical issues not working properly, slow turn around on ad-design, and lack of motivation to meet her sales needs espectancy putting in enough effort to look for new clients.


This is a particular problem with the artist and Jess the sales rep. Medium Edith values her job enough to keep it, but not enough to pursue more. This site uses cookies. An expectancy theory approach. Those employees who are able to meet the output requirement of 5 a day will be rewarded. Now the sales staff has the opportunity to have their effort directly reflect exlectancy performance.

case study on expectancy theory of motivation

As now they have a reason to produce more good work. In the case of Paula, she does not link high effort with performance. throry

case study on vrooms expectancy theory

Outcomes can be combined, such as: Using the expectancy theory, By increasing the rewards for things in her control like bringing in new clients, Jessica has experienced an increase in her expectancy since her hard work is the primary factor to her success. Edith knows that she has invested a lot of her life to her job and knows she will not find a better position somewhere else.