Am grateful to God for this. I am daring to be a king David in my daily activities; humbly asking and accepting the wise and true pathway that leads to Christ as I study the history of the people of this great Promise! Be blessed as you continue to shepherd us. God knows how to rescue the godly and condemn the ungodly. I think now we are over 2,

Thank you so much for thinking about us. We thank the Lord for your hard work — more materials and effective communication. Let all come for the gift of the water of life say the Spirit and the bride. Royalty obviously ate better than the plebeians—MUCH better. What I have found that this year, my second year going through the classes.

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Frances Florence Goetz on February 11, at 2: Please post in the comment section. God gives him the Spirit without limit. I love the materials. Draw me revelarions a closer relationship with him deeper understanding of his Word while impacting the next generation! Arabic or another middle-eastern language…?

Praise God for leadership commitment to do all things in accord with His Word, and to reach and share the Word to people everywhere.


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I signed up right away, and am being so blessed by my group. But, it was, in fact, the truth and God loved them enough to appear in front of them in the body of the Son of God and speak the truth to them and warn them of whom they were serving which was not Him!

There is nothing I have missed out on by paying taxes. Ajit Moses on February 2, at I will certainly pray for BSF. Going through the teachings and fellowship with these women my thoughts were we can make an impact on ourselves, our families and this world for Jesus Christ! More grace and favour.

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That was SO cool! You are a blessing to me! I hope the leaders are blessed as much as I have been blessed by them all, in person and telecast.

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I am recovering from a fall and have been unable to attend classes at Kent Covenant Church for about six weeks. Did they have faith Jesus could do anything about their situation? We are not to take revenge.

Among these was Daniel as well as the famous Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. BSF Headquarters staff members pilot the study, followed by more careful editing with an eye for the use of global English that members around the world will understand.


I thank God for his grace and mercy towards me. In I decided to challenge myself and my relationship with God by reading the entire Bible for the first time. Will go back tomorrow.

bsf homework revelations

Out honor those who are not acting honorably. Elijah and Moses bore special protection from God and were given power from God as these two witnesses will. Thank you BSF for the amazing groups, lectures, lessons, ease of studying on line, etc.

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We need not be qualified just willing, to God to use us. Joanne Tseng on January 31, at I would love to facilitate such ministry to incarcerated women. Jesus speaks of this trampling in Luke The BEST is yet to come! God will do the rest. All Scripture is God-breathed 2 Timothy 3: