I use BuddyPress as a plugin now and looking forward to bbPress complete integration into WordPress in a plugin form. If any Thesis gurus out there can tell me how to do this part dynamically I would love to hear from you! It is supposed to be able to integrate with your WordPress logins, but I found it very rough and difficult to configure that way. Just saying hello to you all.. October 13, at 3: It looks like you have it mostly working. RichB — I tried bbpress a few months ago.

January 15, at I have just installed bbpress plugins created some topics and made some of them sticky. See this video for instructions: Different types of content can be not that much differenciated. Hello I see some old posts about bbpress and thesis here. There are literally thousands of spam bots that target phpBB sites.

Then the user can wether — see evrything recent in the activity stream and interact immediatly with it — when having more specific needs, going to places where the content is sorted by: Jay — Thanks for reporting back on your experiences with SimplePress. Hi I read a long discussion on bbpress forums about hhesis name and how some people were upset about it So I suggest the name for bbpress plugin to be simply: Alberto Alberto 21 3.

September 1, at 2: Also, I was wondering if there would be an easier way to use the Bbprfss Search to also include bbPress within the search? The discussion topics can be accessible from other user queries.


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The result is something like a rich facebook wall system. You have a very good template for your blog. Hope to see the bbPress plugin soon. September 14, at All of these ideas were great on paper but have had mixed feedback and results in practice.

bbpress thesis 2

He also asks for his ideas to be used in the bbPress pluginie, use of custom post types and taxonomies. November 11, at 7: So we tough of replacing the activity stream in groups by a forum-like interface that display conversation bbprfss rather than long blocs of text.

bbpress thesis 2

July 13, at 8: The custom directory is one of the very cool features in the Thesis theme. I get asked this question a lot so I recorded a short video of how to do it here: In order to keep activity stream clean this bbpres only display an extract of long texts and conversations.

bbpress thesis 2

An article page-type have the article highlighted. I want to get bbpress sticky topics using query like this: September 4, at 9: But unfortunately, none of them available not even beta currently.

How To Add A Forum To Your Thesis Themed WordPress Blog

I just went in and did some very basic color matching via the skins style sheet. Thank you for taking on initiative.


Thanks for Vinod Dalvi, he really gave me a direction to solve this issue. Can you shoe me your updated code? You have to read at minima a few posts before this one and maybe the first one too.

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Right now we have no idea, what will be the new bbPress pluin will be powered by. I look at the trac, but it seems like I am only getting part of the conversation. It is informative and ideal.

Click the Play button above to watch the video! So are we likely to see the buddypress 1. November 3, at 8: Check it out on one of my Thesis sites Beyond HQ. It allows you to place all of your theme customizations in one place so that when you upgrade Thesis, thesiis can do it seamlessly and preserve all of your customizations.