Shows the plot have been prepared for each monthly observed rainfall mm , observed runoff Mm 3 and Predicted runoff Mm3 using ANN model. The basin is divided into 2 sub-basins as Sabarmati upper and Sabarmati lower sub-basin. This is especially true, when high precision is required. DSC through its experience of promoting PIM realised that tailend farmers in the canal irrigation system are deprived of their due share of water and at times they don’t get any water. Therefore to understand the situation of tailend farmers on a national level this study was scaled up and study was conducted in other five states. This covers drainage area of the main river up to Dharoi dam. Thus this study is an effort to quantify benefits against the investment w.

The study on rainfall-runoff relationship also helps in planning and developing distribution policies from the available water resources [3]. Comparison of benefits with costs, can give a reliable idea about the monitory benefit of the investments in the PIM programme. Dharoi dam irrigated 31, hectares in the year This is especially true, when high precision is required. Regression plots were used to validate network performance [32]. Its efficiency is higher.

The obtained results can help the water resource managers to operate the reservoir properly in the case of extreme events such as flooding and drought.

Initially in nntoolbox numbers of neurons are taken as 10 and the weight are also considered by default according to input data.

Dharoi Dam, Gujarat

Preliminary design, operation and The first subset is the training set, which is used for computing the gradient and updating the network weights and biases. In one case-study, use of geotextile for filtration and in other case-study use of geotextile slope of earth dam against waves from reservoir water. This window shows that the data has od divided using the dividerand function, and the Levenberg-Marquardt trainlm training method has been used with the mean square error performance function.


The input nodes pass on the input signal values to the nodes in the hidden layer unprocessed [17].

Case study of dharoi dam

The training window will appear during training. Its efficiency is higher.

This optimization technique is reported to be more powerful than the conventional gradient descent techniques [20, 21]. The default transfer function for hidden layers is tansig. A notable case of deliberate dam failure prior to the above ruling was the Royal Air Force ‘Dambusters’ raid on Germany in World War II codenamed “Operation Chastise”in which three German dams were selected to be cawe in order to damage German infrastructure and manufacturing and power capabilities deriving from the Ruhr and Eder The Role of Water Technology in Development: What are the applications of geosynthetics in a water resources project quoting case study on the Dharoi Dam and the Hiran-II Dam?

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case study of dharoi dam

Four Indian states, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra and Rajasthan, receive water and electricity supplied from the dam. This study of rainfall-runoff modelling is important for the Dharoi reservoir watershed with the point of view the Dharoi dam project. Bahman section, Qareaghaj River.


City jittery as Dharoi dam threatens to spill over The rainfall and runoff data have been collected from to at Dharoi dam station in Dharoi watershed. The default setting is The total length of river from origin to outfall into the Arabian Sea is DSC was asked by a high level working committee to study the case of Mohani.


case study of dharoi dam

The training state plot shows the progress of other training variables, such as the gradient magnitude, the number of validation checks, etc. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

case study of dharoi dam

Mohani is an irrigation cooperative in the command area of Ukai projct of Surat district of Gujarat, India. The system, therefore, needs continuous transfer functions in order to determine the output of neurons based on its input.

Thus this study is an effort to quantify benefits against the investment w. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology The present work involves the development of an ANN model using Feed- Forward Back Propagation algorithm for establishing monthly and annual rainfall runoff correlations.

The catchment area between the Dharoi dam and Ahmedabad city, Constructed inthe main purpose of the dam is irrigationpower generation and flood control.

Dharoi dam

The Sabarmati basin extends over the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat having an area of 21, Sq. Further 65 km downstream, another tributary, the Watrak Casse this number is equal to 1, then there is perfect correlation between targets and outputs.

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